Sasa Facebook Contest


Are you a blogger? If you have a blog, share your links with us and stand a chance to win 1 set of CYBER C'KIN GEMSTONE Cell Care worth RM524! We are giving out 6 sets of CYBER C'KIN GEMSTONE Cell Care.

How to join:
1. 'Like' our Sa Sa Malaysia Facebook Page.
2. Share your links with us.
3. Blog and review any of our Cyber Colors Make Up products.
4. Your blog post must be accompanied by before and after photos of the product.
5. Your blog post must contain Sa Sa logo and a link to Sa Sa Malaysia Facebook Page.
6. Please fill up the entry form below: 

1. 6 lucky pink peeps will win 1 set of CYBER C'KIN GEMSTONE Cell Care worth RM524!
2. Winners will need to review and blog about the CYBER C'KIN GEMSTONE Cell Care within 14 days upon receiving it.

~ Sharing is caring ~

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  1. Akak tak join lagi AJ..tak tahu nak join ke tak..just sharing jer.. ;p @AyueJean AJ

  2. Salam kenal juga.. saya follow balik blog yg chantik ni :)

    hee nice sharing..
    gud luck & all the best yer kalau join nnt.. ;)

  3. wow !
    nice sharing
    hurmmm aduh akak nie 1st time dgr produk nie ..
    nak sharing pasal produk mana punn x tahu huhuh

  4. skang nie xdo mud nak join sbarang contest ko, segmen ko...nak hapdet blog pon xdo mud..muahahaha..

  5. TQ Zaza.. just sharing la kot..malas nak join sebab kena p beli produk tue dulu baru bole join contest tue..;p @ZazaMyMoon

  6. akak join la contest nie...hehehe ;p @Mizz Aiza

  7. Sya pun malas jugak akak...tapi kalau contest yang blogger buat ok la..tapi contest nie malas la pulak... ;p @Cik Puan Fadli

  8. sya pun 1st time dengar akak..hehehe ;p @ieda immi

  9. hihi.. tengok pada kerajinan akak.. thanks sebab ajak join..